" Well, what are you waiting for, get out there and do your job! "

Welcome to the base camp of the hunters- humans that fight demons monster, and sometimes angels to save humanity. Most carry fake ID's to get them into places to check out "jobs" that they are on. In the trunks of their usually cheap cars they have many assorted demon and monster killing weapons. They all usually work independent or in pairs, but they all answer to their leader-figure, ( Dettoxed ). Their most trusted and known as second in command is ( --- ). Now snuggle up close to your allies and enemies in these tents, lean-to's, and shacks.



please do not roleplay in this box 



Come to the common are for some food or conversing with others. Here is where all the gossip goes around and friends are built. Knowledge is shared along with supplies and strength. 



After a hard week's work and you come back from traveling and staying in shaggy motels, you can plop down in a "home sweet home" and reunite with friends or family.



Anytime you need help or need guidance on what to do with a particular beast, come to the strategy hut. Here someone is always on post, watching the many phones. Some are for emergencies when you don't know what to do in a sticky situation, others are for getting a temporary partner, and another is for getting out of tough "I-got-caught-being-a-fake-FBI-agent."