monsuta is loosely based off of the show, supernatural [you should watch it. its on netflix] 

leader - the person most trusted to the hunters and runs the whole she-bang

second-in-command - the leaders most trusted, usually their friend or partner

on the earth, humans are oblivious to all the monsters, demons, and angels, unless they are exposed. hunters are the small resistance to save humanity from all these phenomenons. they hunt and kill monsters and demons, finding them through abnormal deaths and sightings in the news. they use specialized weapons to kill certain monsters and demons, and use fake badges to get into unauthorized areas.

alpha - the worst of the worst. tourtures misbeahving monsters. all monsters answer to them. they are extremely hard to kill

beta - the alpha's most trusted. deso the work that normal mosters can't do at the alpha's bidding.

there are many types  of monsters that come from purgatory. they are hunted by hunters and kill humans for fun or vengance. monsters are self-explanitory.

king - answers stight from lucifer himself. all demons answer to him

queen - mother or "love" to the king

the souless that trust no one. they used to be humns, but they made a sin while living so they died and were reborn as a demon. they make deals and kill with pleasure. they posess human "meat sacks" without permission, they just jump right in. demons are also self-explanitory.

archangel - tells other angels what to do, God uses this angel to "speak through"

messenger - the one who has the fastest wings and flies around doing the archangels bidding.


angels don't need to eat, shower, or really anything else. they can heal themsleves as long as they bestow the grace that is in them all [can be exracted by slitting throat only by another angel]. when on eath, they posses human "meat sacks," but only with permssion from the human. while on eath, their wings can only be seen by a shadow but its very rare to be sighted. their travel of wings is pretty much teleporting across the world in a split second. most angels are meant to fly around and answer prayers, but some are chosen to be soldiers. these are stripped of emotion and will follow any mission they are given no matter who or what gets in their way. these angels are very dangerous and bloodthrisy. angels can also be punished by the archangel clipping their wings and throwing them down for earth. they are known as "the fallen."